Super Salads

There is so much nutritional goodness you can pack into a salad. This GOOD TO EAT Greens and Sprouts Salad, for example, contains vegetables as well as your more traditional salad greens. I lightly steamed some broccoli pieces and added them to a delicious mix of four different types of lettuce leaves, both green and red. Added in some capsicum some bean sprouts, walnuts and coconut chips for a little bit of texture. A drizzle of olive oil to finish along with a pinch of pink sea salt and I had a gorgeous salad to feed the family. So easy and so healthy! I splashed on some apple cider vinegar to serve.

I also made up this super easy and tasty Green Bean Salad. I lightly steamed the vegetable, the green beans and set them aside to cool while I toasted the sesame seeds in butter, copped some celery, red onion and a little coriander. I mixed it together gently, drizzled on some olive oil and finished with a pinch of pink sea salt. So, so good!!

I only just recently discovered the wonder of kalettes, or baby kale. They are, in my opinion, so delicious! Once again, I lightly steamed these little babies, drizzled some olive oil over them and sprinkled on some pink sea salt and plain sesame seeds. A perfect side to any meal. I also made a salad with them as the feature vegetable.

I sautéed a cup of sliced mushrooms in butter and added in spring onions and sliced red onions. Mixing the kalettes in at the last with the sesame seeds, olive oil and pink sea salt, I had myself another delicious, nutritious spring salad for the whole family to enjoy!

Try out these recipes for yourself by clicking here (or here for the steamed kalettes) or on any of the photos. I hope you enjoy the wonderful flavours!

Beth and Fran,


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