Rethinking the Humble Sandwich

Yes, we have included recipes for low carb bread so that you can enjoy a piece of breakfast toast or a lunchtime sandwich. There is no reason why living a low carb lifestyle would deprive you of these pleasures. However, let’s think outside the box for a moment, the sandwich box…. It has been said many a time that deconstructing a dish highlights the individual flavours that make up the whole recipe. By entirely eliminating the bread component of the humble sandwich we can create a recipe for success! We have played around with a few different ideas to show you what we mean.

Let's have a look at the BLT as an example:

BLT in a Bowl

This is so easy and what a great way to include your healthy fats. Make a creamy dressing and you have a delicious deconstructed BLT! I used sour cream added some dried dill and a little apple cider vinegar. YUM!


Think of avocado as the butter alternative from a BLT sandwich. Avocados taste delicious with the basic ingredients of bacon, lettuce and tomato and give you a great injection of healthy fats into your dish. Serve in the shell and save on washing up too!! I spooned the sour cream dressing on the avocado as a foundation for the other ingredients to adhere to. Squeeze on some fresh limejuice for some extra zing and nutrition!

Skewer your BLT

Cut your lettuce, tomatoes and bacon into skewer sized pieces and feed onto the stick, alternating between ingredients as you go. What a fun way to serve your BLT! That is what it is all about – enjoying the delicious flavours, taking in all the nutritional goodness without the unnecessary carbs.

These are just a few; there are so many ideas you can play with. All these deconstructed ideas are easy to put into a container for lunch on the go; school, work or out and about. Keep an eye out in our recipe section and future blog posts as we focus on salads this spring.

Have fun and enjoy your food!

Beth and Fran


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