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Are you inspired to be a "JERF"? Are you being inspired to make some changes to they way your family eats? Even just small changes can be make a difference over time. At Good To Eat we are "JERF" fans. That is, "Just Eat Real Food". By lowering the processed foods in your diet and cooking with whole foods you can make a huge difference to your health.

Have a look at this link:

A boarding school in New Zealand has swapped the cereals, the tinned fruit, fruit yoghurts and other so called "healthy foods" for whole foods packed with nutrients. The chefs estimate that by doing this they have removed 10-11kg of added sugar from the diet of each student per year! How fantastic is that!! Have a think about your child's school canteen menu? How healthy is it really? Are there some foods that are high in added sugar? For example fruit yoghurts, flavoured milks, fruit juices, custards, ice blocks, ice creams, sweet biscuits and cakes? The Obesity Policy Coalition last month warned that some fruit drinks marketed specifically for children's lunch boxes contain more added sugar than Coca-Cola. They recommended they not be given to children. ( Low fat, fruit yoghurts are packed full of sugar and are not a healthy food choice. It is much better to pack a piece of whole fruit in the lunchbox as the natural sugars are attached to natural fibre. Have a another look at your child's school canteen menu. Is it harboring some high sugar villains that need to be weeded out? Speak up and have a chat to other parents and start a conversation with the canteen convenor. Small changes can mean big improvements over time and your children will be healthier for it. xoxo

Beth and Fran


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