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Beth Woolrich

I am a busy wife and mother of two teenaged boys. I own and run an Interiors Consultancy and I am constantly creating. Over the last few years, I struggled with my health. I could not understand why my vitality and spark were decreasing and my weight was continually increasing when I was doing everything "right". During a fun filled conversation with Fran, the direction of my life changed. We started talking about insulin resistance and the effect that processed carbohydrates and sugars have on the body. I recognised some of those negative processes and thought I would make some changes to my lifestyle. I say lifestyle because being primarily responsible for preparing the bulk of our family meals, doing so without relying on processed carbohydrate was going to take some time and creativity. After navigating some initial hurdles of learning what I could eat with no ill effects, I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. We, as a society, live in a time in which the prevalence of processed carbohydrates and sugars permeate so much of our food and lifestyle choices. I have come to appreciate that some simple changes to my time management and organisational habits can make a real difference not only to my own health but also to my children's future in teaching them what is... 

Good To Eat



Fran Murphy

I am a general practitioner with over 13 years experience in the field of obesity medicine.  We live in such an obesogenic environment and every day at work I see the results of poor nutrition and dietary advice. Unfortunately, understanding healthy food choices is not often clear cut. Years of eating a diet high in processed foods and added sugar can take its toll and weight is not a good marker of health as 40% of normal weight individuals have diet-related disease. To counteract these past eating habits the way forward for many is to treat their bodies to a diet of Real Foods.  I truly believe, when it comes to diet-related disease, prevention is better than the cure.  I am passionate about raising awareness in the community with regards to eating real food. Even the smallest change in your diet now can make a big difference over time. 


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