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We are passionate about nutrition.


We love fresh, real food cooked from scratch and beautifully served. While there is no doubt that home cooking is healthier, it is becoming more obvious with an increasing body of research that what we are eating is equally important. There is overwhelming research results telling us that a lifetime of low fat eating with an overabundance of refined carbohydrates is responsible for a large proportion of diet-related disease. The way forward is eating real food, that is, a diet low in refined carbohydrates with the addition of natural fats.  


What does that look like? What are we supposed to be eating if we remove the convenience of bread, cereal and pasta? How can food be enticing without the sweetness of sugar? GOOD to EAT is a practical day to day guide to living the low carb lifestyle. 


We are not health experts in this space, but rather two busy, working Mums who have made the switch to healthier eating. This is not a diet but rather a lifestyle. Our goal is to inspire people to have the confidence, knowledge and resources to live a lifestyle that is both healthy and sustainable. In our fast paced lives, cooking food that is GOOD to EAT is possible without fast foods. Our tips will show you how it can be done no matter what your situation. You will discover that food has never tasted so good or been so satisfying.


We have included some scientific resources so that you can equip yourself with the knowledge. You can find this in THE SCIENCE page. While it is not an exhaustive list of references, it is an excellent cross section of information that is being released. We will continue to keep it updated as new information presents itself.


We have also included some recipes so that you can expand your range of tasty and easy to prepare gastronomic delights. You can find them in our RECIPES section. Keep checking back regularly so that you can see what we are eating and prepare it yourself!


We have created a TIPS page. 

There is also a CLIPS page.

and a BLOG....full of handy hints on being organised, cooking in the kitchen, recipe reviews and more. 


Join us in this adventure of learning what is ...






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